Salesforce Integration

Geopify’s Salesforce integration provides key customer and prospect information to help your business attract and retain clients.

Geopify helps your marketing, sales and customer service teams instantly qualify customers by identifying key property information about their home and whether they are moving in the near future or have just moved. This powerful information can be used to provide highly targeted, timely and effective marketing and communications to your Salesforce database.

Relevant Data

  • Know when your contact record is moving home
  • Have relevant and timely conversations
  • Win and retain more business

Easy Integration

  • Native Salesforce
  • Easy to set up
  • Available in Lightning or Classic
  • Customise for only the data you need


  • Full documentation available
  • Help desk support
  • Deployment guidance
  • Advice on how to use the data
  • On-site support if needed

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Instantly identify home movers on Salesforce

People that move home spend £9bn in the UK each year. Additionally 65% of the 6-7 Million people that move house change at least one provider. Geopify’s Salesforce solution provides key information about your customers, and your potential customers. Our market leading data is integrated seamlessly and directly within your Salesforce platform so you maximise your opportunity to win new customers and retain existing ones. It is especially useful for: insurance businessesutility firms, removal companies, Home improvement firms (DIY, furniture, carpets, beds and flooring companies), financial services and many more.

With the Geopify Salesforce integration you’ll know:

  • Whether the house where your customer lives is listed for sale or for rent
  • Whether they have had an offer accepted
  • What the likely move date is (you’ll know the date before the customer does!)
  • Whether they have moved or not

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See who is approaching their renewal date, even if they’re not your customer!

See moving-in anniversary dates for on your prospect records to win new business when they are due to renew elsewhere. Useful if you sell products that are purchased annually such as insurance and financial products or monthly billed services

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Highlight key property information on the Contact record record

Understand what customers are likely to buy and which ones provide the most lucrative opportunities based upon the property they live in.

  • How big the property is
  • Whether it has garden
  • What type of property is (terraced, semi-detached and detached)
  • Whether it is off-mains gas
  • Whether the property has chimneys
  • Any many more

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The Geopify Difference

Our data analytics platform identifies leading indicators and customer insights and matches this with your own consumer data.

We provide targeted data to meet your exact requirements:

You only pay for the data that is valuable to you – not for rows and rows of expensive data you don’t need.

Geopify’s unique revenue share opportunities make highly useful and targeted data highly affordable and because we don’t store or use personal data our solution is 100% GDPR ready and always will be.

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