Geopify takes off!

Geopify takes off! (29th January 2018)

What is Geopify?

Geopify is the market leading aggregator of smart UK property data.

It is on on a mission to help companies become much smarter and more effective at marketing in a GDPR world.

Its’ comprehensive and unique data sets help companies target the right people, with the right message at the right time.

Businesses no longer need to send out mass emails to their entire database. They can instead focus on providing relevant communications, products and services to relevant customers.

Why now?

In 2018 the way UK firms capture and store data is going through a regulatory change. GDPR is launching on May 25th. Consequentially companies need to get explicit consent from consumers to continue to market to them. As a result marketing databases are going to shrink dramatically. So it is vital that companies use the consumer data they have in a highly effective way. This is where Geopify comes in.

What data is available?

Home mover data

Geopify’s home mover data provides an up to date and comprehensive view of which UK properties are in the process of being sold or are available to rent . It provides visibility about who is moving home, what stage the move is at, and what the likely completion date is. This view of the market is helping companies identify new business opportunities and highlight which current customers may be at risk.

For instance, utility firms can us this information to retain customers that are at risk of switching to another provider during the house moving process.

House moving services, such as removal firms, through to furniture and home improvement services can gain significant value from these sort of timely and accurate data sources – as can many other companies.

Property attributes data

This data helps companies understand the physical nature of properties in the UK. It can used to better target customers that are especially relevant for different types of products or services. So, for example, a garden furniture retailer could use this data to only target consumers who have a gardens, rather than those that live in flats. This data is helping firms to improve their returns on marketing investment and reduce unnecessary marketing spend.

Property attributes data can also be use for :“dear occupier” mailers. This is especially useful for helping businesses generate new leads, without the need for pre-existing consumer data.

Additionally this data can be used for business planning and local analysis.

The founders

Colin Breavington

Colin’s career has extensive experience across the UK property information sector, working for most of the major property data companies. As a result Colin has a unique insight into the power property data has to transform marketing results for any business.

Roberto Garritano

Following a career that included working for major UK property portals, Roberto is now a serial entrepreneur. Most recently he founded successful comparison website Service Octopus, focused on helping homeowners and tenants save money on home services.

The co-founders share a passion for helping companies improve marketing by using smart property data, Big data and AI.

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