Geopify mentioned by This is Money and The Daily Mail

Geopify mentioned by This is Money and The Daily Mail (19th May 2018)

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Daily Mail owned site “This is Money” runs a regular “Start Up Doctor” series which offers advice to new businesses. In this particular article serial entrepreneur and angel investor Andy Yates talks about how GDPR might impact new startups and the opportunity it might provide.

In the article Andy Yates is encouraging businesses not to bury their heads in the sand. He offers practical advice on what business owners should be doing to comply with the new legislation and encourages people to visit the ICO for more details including its’ guide to preparing for GDPR

He also says businesses should remain calm as. Although GDPR is an important regulatory change, it can be simple to follow. As a simple ‘rule of thumb’ business should be seeking explicit consent before marketing to consumers. GDPR can be a relatively simple step is to make sure you are following the rules.

GDPR can also be seen as an opportunity for businesses. Geopify is featured in the article as it is helping firms react to GDPR with a new and innovative approach to marketing.

Geopify works with a growing number of large and small companies to help supplement their GDPR compliant personal data with home moving and other property data.

This allows companies to send the right message at the right time to the right customers. This is more effective than using indiscriminate mass marketing campaigns.

This approach provides useful and relevant communications, in turn helping improve customer satisfaction, response rates and results. Importantly this can also improve customer retention and reduce unsubscribes.

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