Geopify Launches Major Partnership Program

Geopify Launches Major Partnership Program (2nd July 2018)

Geopify is a leading provider of home mover and property attribute data which is being used by companies to transform their marketing results by targeting households with relevant and timely messages. As part of its growth strategy for 2018,  Geopify has launched a mutual business referral partnership programme with key marketing agencies, design agencies, CRM and development agencies, brands and companies.

Co-Founder Colin Breavington said:

Geopify provides market leading smart data to enable brands and companies to send the right messages to the right people at the right time.  We are now rolling out our mutual partner programme to businesses that offer complimentary services such as CRM, marketing and design services.  We are all speaking to the same customers – and our new joined up approach will allow our partners to provide a complete service, make a real difference to marketing success and help them win new clients.

To  find out more or to become a partner please get in touch.