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21Jun, 2018

Home mover data – homing in on new business

Moving house is a life changing event. It is also an event that can change the fortunes of so many businesses. For retailers, utility companies, telecoms providers, gym groups, removal firms, lawyers – and many more sectors  – home mover data can represent both an opportunity and a real threat to future business.

Making the right move – why home mover data is so valuable

Once the home mover has agreed a price for their dream home they enter a process which includes various key steps. Getting the right data, at the right time, makes all the difference to business success and failure.

  • Conveyancing services. The average home mover will be spending around £1500 on legal fees and searches. This is a highly competitive market and getting in front of a home mover at the right time is key.
  • Selecting a removal firm. Home owners usually choose a removal firm when they have a good idea of  likely move dates. Again getting in front of a mover at exactly the right time in this decision making process is crucial for any removal firm.
  • Switching or staying with utilities, telecoms and other key services. Did you know 65% of home movers switch energy supplier as part of the home moving process? Other common services that may also be switched include:
    1. Internet providers
    2. Television providers
    3. Gas
    4. Electricity
    5. Insurance products
    6. Gym membership

This list is nowhere near exhaustive, but it gives you an idea of the opportunities and threats facing so many businesses. People that are moving home are an important target for both retaining and winning new customers.

  • Once the move is completed the home mover is likely to want to make their new home feel like ‘home’. This can involve a trip to the local DIY, flooring, kitchen, garden, furniture or electronics store. House movers spend billions every year improving their new homes.

Opening the door to a huge new opportunity

Around 100,000-120,000 properties are sold each month across the UK – adding up to 1.2-1.5 million homes each year. This group alone spends around £9bn on home moving activities.

So you can see how targeting home movers with timely, relevant and useful messages can improve your business and your marketing efforts and returns.

This targeting can be enhanced even further by taking into account the physical characteristics of the property  (property attribute data). Businesses  can use this to really focus the right products, services offers and messages on the right customers. For example, the number of bedrooms in a property and the size of the property gives an indication of what sort of removal service might be perfect for that home.

Used smartly, home mover data can help companies provided personalised offers and messages to the right people at the right time.

Home mover data is too good an opportunity for businesses to miss.

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