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Home Mover & Property Anniversary Data For Insurance Firms

Every year in the UK around 6 to 7 million people move house. This includes 1.5M house transactions which provides a significant opportunity for insurance firms to identify new customers and retain existing ones.

Insurance companies can also target 30 million homes across the UK by identifying which homeowners are coming up to an anniversary of their home move – which signals a likely renewal date for their policy. Geopify provides insurance firms with  key event data to help them win new business.

What we do

  • We aggregate hundreds of high quality data sources to provide a unique understanding of each property in the country. This includes key physical property attributes and event information such as moving anniversary and home mover data.
  • Our data analytics platform uses clever algorithms and AI to help business target the right consumers at the right time.
  • This information is delivered to businesses as stand alone data-sets, via seamless Salesforce integration or through our comprehensive API.

Win more business, think data. Think Geopify.

Artificial intelligence

  • Our AI platform calculates the move date
  • Improving accuracy
  • Highlighting new win opportunities

Property attributes

  • Hundreds of attributes per property available
  • Understand your market
  • Target the right household at right time

The right time!

  • The right message
  • The right person
  • The right time
  • Win more customers

GDPR Compliance

We are GDPR ready.

We never touch personal or sensitive data. Our property attribute and event data related to the home but not the people that live in them.

With Geopify you are in safe hands.

Fully integrated solution

Geopify seamlessly integrates key and timely housing moving data in your CRM so you know exactly which customer are likely to move house before they organise their energy provider.

Help your marketing and customer services departments retain customers and grow your business!

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