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15Mar, 2018

Direct mail – tips and hints to improve conversion.

Direct mail is mostly ‘untouched’ by the upcoming GDPR regulations. This is because not much has changed over the last 30 years to warrant big changes to the more traditional marketing channels. Also, there are already well established standards and controls in place to protect consumers. For example the MPS (the Mailing Preference Service) allows consumers to “opt out” of receiving unsolicited mailers. I think that achieving consent for this type of communication is logistically very different from the digital data opt-in protections GDPR is trying to address.

My prediction is that there will be an increase in companies using direct mail for marketing, driven by GDPR’s impact on the digital landscape. However, direct mailing can be expensive and your mailer could easily end up in the recycling bin if the message is not relevant. So what can you do to overcome these challenges?p

Top ways to improve direct mailing results:

  1. Consider the format. Typically mailers delivered in envelopes are opened and read more than flyers, but the format should really depend on what the message is. You want people to read your message so make sure it is clear and simple to understand. Ensure you have the right design so it is as easy as possible for a prospect to become a customer.
  2. Consider an offer. Give your potential customer an incentive to buy from you. By rewarding customers you increase your chances of success. This could be a discount code or an incentive to go into store.
  3. Consider your audience. If you have demographic, geographic or socio-economic data then use this to specifically target customers, or groups of customers, with the right message. Use smart data to create smart messages and get smart results. A broad and vague message will yield fewer responses. You can also use this approach to keep costs down by targeting the specific consumers that are most likely to buy from you, and leave the rest out of your campaign (and your budget).
  4. Personalise your mailer. If you do have personal information (that you have consent for) then use it. Personalised direct mailers are much more likely to yield better results.
  5. Remember to monitor, review, iterate, repeat, monitor, review and so on. Learn what works well and what doesn’t and improve your direct mail approach over time.

Lastly, your business should use clean data and also respect and use the MPS. It should respond to complaints and action unsubscribe requests quickly.

Direct mail can have a direct, and important, impact on your business.

Considering direct mail?

If you are considering a direct mail solution you should seek professional advice and talk to experts (including Geopify –  see our data solutions) to support your efforts. Especially if your company has limited experience with direct mailing or you need to make a bigger impact and win more business.


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