Data Cleansing

What is Data Cleansing?

In a GDPR world, clean data has never been more important and more necessary and Geopify can help ensure that you have cleaner, smarter and more useful data.

Data Cleansing identifies and removes or amends any data within a database that is:

  • Incorrect
  • Incomplete
  • Duplicated

And under GDPR:

  • Irrelevant/unnecessary…and potentially illegal…

Geopify’s comprehensive data cleansing service helps businesses clean up their data in a simple, effective and painless way. Get in touch to find out more.

Why Data Cleansing Is So Important

Good data is key for any business –  however data inevitably decays over time, as does its effectiveness.

Regularly keeping your data clean, relevant and useful is more important than it has even been because improving the quality of your data makes it my usable.

Geopify can help ensure you maintain higher standards of data accuracy – as a result you can improve the effectiveness of customer communication, marketing, customer satisfaction and new business.

Most of all your having clean data is especially relevant to your GDPR commitments. Clean data is therefore vital to every business.

Think clean data. Think Geopify.

The Geopify Difference

Our data analytics platform identifies leading indicators and customer insights and matches this with your own consumer data.

We provide targeted data to meet your exact requirements:

You only pay for the data that is valuable to you – not for rows and rows of expensive data you don’t need.

Geopify’s unique revenue share opportunities make highly useful and targeted data highly affordable and because we don’t store or use personal data our solution is 100% GDPR ready and always will be.

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