The Geopify API

The Geopify API

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Geopify’s API allows you to instantly access our comprehensive data sets and integrate these into your key marketing and business tools. We give your business the key data it needs to win and retain customers.

Geopify’s extensive and high quality home mover and property attributes data sets provide important real time business insights – enabling you to have timely and relevant conversations with your customers and target the right products and services to them at the right time.

Relevant Data

  • Know when someone is moving
  • Surface relevant data
  • Relevant and timely data

Easy Setup

  • Easy to set up
  • Full access
  • Fully supported


  • Full documentation available
  • Deployment guidance
  • Advice on how to use the data

Access home mover data on demand

Each year home movers spend £9bn on moving and post moving activities. 65%  of those home movers will also switch at least one provider when they move. The Geopify API gives instant access to key and timely home mover and property data about your customers. By integrating this data across your business you can win new customers and retain existing customers. It is especially useful for insurance companiesutility firms, removal companies, home improvement supplies (furniture businesses, carpets, beds, flooring companies),  financial services and many more.

With Geopify data you’ll know:

  • Whether the house where your customer lives is listed for sale or for rent
  • Whether they have had an offer accepted
  • What the likely move date is (you’ll know the date before the customer does!)
  • Whether they have moved or not

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The Geopify Difference

Our data analytics platform identifies leading indicators and customer insights and matches this with your own consumer data.

We provide targeted data to meet your exact requirements:

You only pay for the data that is valuable to you – not for rows and rows of expensive data you don’t need.

Geopify’s unique revenue share opportunities make highly useful and targeted data highly affordable and because we don’t store or use personal data our solution is 100% GDPR ready and always will be.

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