About Us

About Us

Geopify is a team of property experts and data scientists with decades of experience in the sector.

Our secret source is not a secret at all.

We bring together the very best and respected property data sources the UK has to offer.

We have data on every property in the UK – and highly accurately categorise, filter and process billions of data points every day.


Right Message

Our sophisticated data analytics platform identifies leading indicators and buying signals so you can send targeted and timely messages and maximise sales.


Right Customer

We identify home movers that are an ideal match for your products and services, right down to the size of their property, rooms, kitchen, garden and lots more…


Right Time

Timing is everything. We target customers at exactly the right time in the house moving process when they are most likely to buy your products and services.

The Geopify Name

Intelligent use of big data sets is defining business success in the 21st Century.

A Geop Byte is currently the largest possible measurement for data storage.

Inspired by this, Geopify currently aggregates the largest possible amount of data about UK properties…and we are not stopping there.

The Geopify Difference

Our data analytics platform identifies leading indicators and customer insights and matches this with your own consumer data.

We provide targeted data to meet your exact requirements:

You only pay for the data that is valuable to you – not for rows and rows of expensive data you don’t need.

Geopify’s unique revenue share opportunities make highly useful and targeted data highly affordable and because we don’t store or use personal data our solution is 100% GDPR ready and always will be.

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