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Win new clients the smart way. Use our Property Data to target house movers before, during and after they have moved.

The smarter way to do business

Geopify aggregates hundreds of property data sources to provide unrivalled detailed information about UK properties including overlaying advanced and time sensitive house moving data and comprehensive and business critical property attributes data.

Our team of property experts and data scientists will provide you with customised and targeted data sets so you can run highly effective marketing campaigns.

Which means you receive

  • Minimal marketing waste
  • Stronger ROI
  • GDPR ready
  • Better Conversion Rate
  • Happier Customers
  • Proven Results

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No obligation, free assessment, free sample property data, affordable solutions.

Geopify is the smarter solution

We’re GDPR ready

We never touch personal or sensitive data. Our non-personal UK property attributes and home mover data is all related to the home but not the people that live in them. Learn more about GDPR.

Unrivalled data at your fingertips.

Our intelligent data and matching algorithms provide you with property insights that can help your business target relevant messages to the right audiences. Our sophisticated data platform allows you to save money and increase ROI.

Smarter Data + Smarter Decisions = Better ROI

To learn more about how we’re GDPR ready or how our property data can be used please get in touch.

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